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I'm sitting here, just finishing my chocolate coffee. I also just finished reading my friends list entries. I was tempted to comment in a few, but ... well, my social butterfly thing kicked in and I didn't. Plus, the longing to comment and the knowing what to say don't always go together either.

Now that I'm shoveled out, I hear there may be another 3 inches on the way (or not, depending on where "in the radio listening area" you are). Ah, no big deal.

I'm getting to like listening to I created a bunch of stations with artist and or songs I like. When it was too elevator like I added AC/DC as I already said. Then I added Joan Jett and Pat Benar stations. While it no longer has an elevator music feel that it had when it was mostly folk singers/songs on my list, it's gone too much to the rock side now.

Hmm, I think I'll add some country stuff to fight the rock tendency now. So Georgia Satellites and some other country music stuff now I think. Johnny Cash or Hank Williams (Sr and Jr) perhaps?

Too bad they don't have Duke Tomato songs. His version of Sweet Home Chicago is the version for me and his song Tie You Up brings back some memories too now that I think about it. Blues and Jazz need more representation in my mix too now that I think about it.
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