Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I should be out the door already (apparently, Mom's getting a new rug put into her house, and I've got to spend today moving the furniture out of the rug installer's way, and hopefully be done in time for my phone date with H tonight). Anyway, two things ... hmm, I'm already drawing a blank on one of the two that popped into my head.

The one that I remember was a bit of childhood mischief I got away with. I just read a friend's journal where she was saying how she stopped her young one from trouble. For some reason the story of the Snoopy bank popped into my head.

I was very young when this happened, maybe 4 or 5? We had a large plastic coin bank in the house. I'd guess the thing was at least 3 feet tall and if full could prob. hold well, ... you do the math, a bunch of coins in a container 3 ft by what maybe 1 foot square? Thinking about it, that could actually be well over a thousand dollars.

Anyway, I saw all the coins in there, and was told the coins they were putting in that Snoopy shaped bank were mine. I wanted my coins and made a plan to get them.

I studied the bank. Other than the slot on the top of his head there was no opening to get the coins out. So when no one was watching, I'd get a kitchen knife and started working the plastic seam in the back. I think it took me several days of poking at it with the knife in secret, but I finally broke the seam and pocketed a bunch of coins.

Well, my folks saw all the coins I had, and ask where I got them. "Snoopy gave them to me" was my answer. The truth confused the adults enough that they eventually insisted I show them not understanding I meant the Snoopy coin bank. They figured the plastic seam had just split from the weight of the coins, and I let them think that; As for my taking the coins I used the defense that they told me the coins were mine in the first place. Snoopy and those coins disappeared shortly after that.

As I said, I need to be going, and I'm drawing a blank on what the other thing was I wanted to write.
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