Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

Last time I took a break from this journal, it was with the return plan of either staying away for a month or reaching a specific goal I have. While it was close to that month away, I don't even think I reached that goal.

Anyway, I'm feeling the need to go quiet here again. This time I think I'm not going to set a return time limit. Just the don't post in this journal until ... bit.

Hopefully, I'll be back typing my meaningless chatter eventually, although given my poor track record of big talk and little action, don't hold your breath. I'm not very hopeful myself.


Before I go, there is one thing I've wanted to share with you for the last couple of days.

It's Craig Ferguson on his late night show talking about why he won't do Britney Spears jokes. I don't watch his show, but I heard about this opening monologue he did, and I do think the guy has some important messages in it especially what he says in the final two minutes. My only comment to add is for everyone to stretch the meaning out to apply to any major problem a person has not just with drinking.

Ok, time for this journal to go silent awhile, and I'll see if I can't figure out how to be responsible for some thinking problems I have during this period.
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