Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

It's a chilly, wet day for the annual town-wide garage sale. Although, there does seem to be a lot of people wandering around the town today. I wrote in the friends only section a little bit about my experience last year when I tried to participate. Actually that was more about my lack of thinking it through. I planned for everything except the fact that I couldn't do it alone. I didn't think I would be alone, but ...

Um, anyway, my mood today sorta matches the weather. I tried calling H, but got her answering machine. She probably went to "the cabin" for the 3 day weekend. Well, next week I have a BBQ with the old swing dance group. I'm looking forward to that. I told K I would just watch the softball game she's having along with it, but the more I think about it the more I think I'll join one of the teams.

What else? No one responded to the survey I had in my businesses newsletter yet. I was a little surprised about that. I figured E at least would have answered by now. Although talking to a few people I do know the survey was too Internet oriented. I'm a computer geek, but most of my customers are not. I'm tempted to make a new survey based on that little bit of knowledge, but not on the heels of the last one. Well, one thing I do know is I need to do more than I have been doing with my business. I just have to figure out what that more is.

I had two bad dreams this week which is a little unusual. I won't get into the details, but they have been going through my head a lot.

Moving on to more pleasant thoughts, the Cubs are finally on a winning streak. They still aren't playing good baseball, but a least there is a spark now. During the losing streak there was *nothing* looking good about them. As Ron Santo said in all his years both as a player and now as a broadcaster he never saw a team so dead.

On the fantasy baseball side, my Guttersnipes are still right in the middle of the pack, and I do mean right in the middle. 5th place in a 10 team fantasy league. Now that I'm starting to figure out the league some maybe I can improve that.

Well, this is long enough as it is (or maybe too long now). So I'll end this here.
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