Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

Hmm, I just stopped to check my mail. Normally it's Mom who gets all the misdelivered mail at her house. Today, I got two letters addressed to my neighbor across the alley from me; It was th right street # just wrong street. I'm tempted to write on the envelopes that they were misdelivered, and leave them in my mailbox for the mailman to find on Monday. I'll be nice, and walk them across the alley though.

As for the rest of my mail, I used to get a chuckle out of it. Now, ... ah, it's just a dark joke that if I let affect me it gets a scowl. I'm still getting mail for my defunct business, except now somehow the mailing lists have my father's name as owner of the business. Ah, the business died long before Dad did, although I guess it's appropriate. Sales pitches to a dead business addressed to a dead man.

Ah, I need to keep moving. I sit far too much. Should always keep moving, and being productive (say it enough, maybe I'll actually start doing it). Then again, I need more positive reinforcement than I get. I know most of my self-talk is negative, and there is no one to give me any positive reinforcement right now. Ah, maybe I should write as self-publish my own self-help book. I've read enough of them to know the BS that's in all of them and can spout it well enough.

Maybe something based on NLP principles: 1) Your view of things aren't those things (ie NLP maps). 2) You don't like your life, change it (ie if what you are doing isn't working, do something different, it doesn't matter what; just don't stay in the same rut doing the same things!) 3) unpleasant thoughts bugging you? Add a comic twist to the memory. Put circus music in the background of the memory, or maybe picture the villain of the memory the size of a mouse -- better yet a cartoon mouse -- hmm, one foot tall Mickey Mouse with the bad person's face yelling at you impotently in a high-pitched, funny voice. Some thought of the future causes you to be anxious? Remember a time you were totally confident. Let that confidence infuse you, create a thought trigger to bring that confidence to the forefront (ie NLP reframing techniques and creating anchors).

yadda, yadda, NLP yadda.

That or I write a book saying a certain real life 15th century alchemist did invent the philosopher's stone and is still alive after all these centuries using the stone to both create wealth and long life for himself. lol Except I'm not sure N.F. would let me write that bio of him. He's trying to keep his immortality a secret, although he does give billions to charities each year through hundreds of anonymous sources. ;)

Oh, hey. Cubs win today!
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