Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

A long time ago, I joined a website for writers that has tiered memberships; a free membership at the bottom level and more and more memory space for larger written pieces as well as more bells and whistles the higher up the tiers you go.

Back then I'm also pretty sure I mentioned here on lj that someone wasted their money giving me an anonymous upgrade to my membership. I slowly faded away from that website shortly after that because of RL problems, and knew I would be leaving there before I received the anonymous upgrade. Although, the gift back then did keep me there a few weeks longer than I would have otherwise.

Well, I (relatively) recently rejoined that website when I decided to try writing again along with several other internet writing groups/sources. Today, I logged on to that writing website and discovered it happened again; I got an automated message saying someone who wants to remain anonymous paid to upgrade my account. This time I'll try not to waste the gift my mystery benefactor gave me.

Again it's a jump of two tiers from the free level; over the basic and to the upgraded membership. I have until mid-July to play with this upgrade.
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