Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

A thought just struck me this morning.

Before I get to it, you need some background to understand the connections I'm about to make. In that second life game I said I'm in, my current project is making a clock (if this first, basic one works several different ones actually).

While I know the basic concept of how real life spring driven and pendulum driven clocks work (much less of a clue on the modern electronic ones though), the actual workings and repair of clocks was never an interest of mine. Clock repair was a hobby of my father's and we both shared an interest in electronic gadgets of all kinds.

I'm not sure Dad would have liked many aspects of 2nd life. However, it just hit me this morning that he would have found the clock building project I'm doing in second life interesting. For a moment that thought caused me to question my motivation for this project.

Now I've got Dad on my mind. Before I sat down to write this it was just the thought I outlined above.

Ah, time to move on. After all, Thomas Jefferson (I think it was him anyway) said something to the effect that the present is for the living.
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