Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I just finished listening to John Powers being interviewed on the radio. He was promoting his newest book Odditude, and I found the interview rather interesting. He said one thing that I wish I could quote directly, however, I'm not sure I got it word for word. So while I'll give John Powers the credit for saying the following, it's prob. my paraphrasing of it and not a direct quote.

-To be physically strong we need to exercise our muscles regularly; To be spiritually strong we need to exercise our attitude daily.-

He went on to say that he has to work hard at keeping a positive attitude sometimes in the face of his daily challenges.

I know I've been failing that kind of exercise lately. The last several weeks have been frustrating for me. Basically, I'm about to sing the same song my long time journal listeners have heard many times in the past. Mom takes up too much of my time. Ah, past time to change the song, right?

Actually before I heard Mr. Powers on the radio, I was thinking of saying something about a reoccurring, innocent event (at least innocent from the other person's view) that has been ... picking at a metaphorical scab I have. Maybe I'll just try letting it drop, and leave only this non-specific reference to it as my first exercise with my attitude.

So moving on, as I said I've been busy with priorities that have not been of my choosing. One of the things I have failed to do is write, although I have been thinking about it. I think I'm too far behind to try entering that writing contest I talked about. However, I have been moiling over some old story ideas I've had. Mentally sort of playing put the jigsaw puzzle together with them. Combining ideas seeing how well they fit together (or don't). I don't have a full story in my head, however, I think I've got the start of one, and if I give it a revelation or exploration type plot as a skeleton to support it, well, just maybe I can turn it into a story.
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