Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

H just left. Fawn and I are missing her already.

We got a start on my porch. I still have a lot of work to do with it. Then again, the more I've been working on it, the more I'm upping my mental estimate of how much needs to be done (most of which I'm not sure I can do, but I guess I've got to try).

H left with the start of a mystery just now. Apparently one of H's friends (and co-worker) didn't show up for work today, and another co-worker knowing H is friends with this person called H asking if she knew where her friend was. It's prob. nothing. H's missing friend starts a vacation tomorrow, and prob. just started it a day early.

I'm not sure what else to add here. Just before she left, H set up teamspeak which my pirate crew sometimes uses to communicate. It'll be interesting to hear what some of my pirate hearties sound like.

We also bought a couple of baby gates so I can leave the door open and keep Fawn either in or out. Before H suggested that, I hadn't really thought of that. I think it will come in very handy.

::::stopping for a minor sneezing fit::::::

Oh, yeah, my sinuses have been acting up for the last week or so. Yesterday, they flipped on me and instead of preventing me from breathing, are now giving me a runny nose. I'm hoping this is a sign that my nose is going to settle down and behave for a few days after the running stops.

Well, on Saturday, I got a notice that my old checking account is overdrawn. I need to go take care of that. As I learned, that bank charges me per day that I'm overdrawn, and those fees can add up fast. I really need to switch to the checking account I set up with the other bank. I did that just so they wouldn't have to skirt their rules when I do Mom's banking, but after I set the account up, I've learned it is a much better checking account than my old one.

It's funny, my newer checking account is with a bigger bank, but since Mom has me doing her banking, I know most of the staff at the local branch of that bank and they know me. It almost seems like a little, local bank because most of the staff knows me.
They greet me by name when I walk in there.

Even the main manager of that bank knows me, He and I had a nice conversation about beer one day. Apparently he has a whole second refrigerator at his house just for his beer. Until that talk, I never would have pegged him as that serious of a beer drinker.

I don't want to, but I guess I need to keep moving.

Did I mention I'm missing H already?

Ah, later all.
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