Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I just spent a good part of the night watching videos of things you shouldn't put into a blender being put into a blender with H. Ah, high ed-u-ma-kation.


My little neck of the woods is getting a new walgreens. The new one opens ... ::::notices it's after midnight::::: um, today, and the old one closes today too. I was in the old one a couple of days ago. I knew it was closing, but it was still strange.

I pulled into an empty parking lot. At the entry door, I saw a sign saying this store would have limited hours until the new store opens and then it would be closing. Walking in I discovered an empty store. Empty in more ways than one. Other than myself there was only a teenage couple wandering the aisles. Some aisles had totally empty shelves -- whole aisles with no merchandise. The fullest aisles were maybe half full. Every aisle had huge areas on the shelves with nothing on them.

Ok, the metaphorical ton of bricks hit me with that visit. This store was closing.
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