Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I was playing my pirate game. I went out pillaging with a hearty, and made a new hearty in her crew. Then when we were done, that hearty tried talking me into leaving my crew for hers.

To my surprise, I even got an excellent at guns -- Carp and bilge I expected the excellent in the duty reports I got. I don't expect it when I gun though. I even got a nice sparkly hammer and was incredible at carp for several duty reports between loading the cannons. I was the only one hopping from one station to another (when the guns are loaded, gunners need something to keep themselves amused). Naw, can't see why they wanted to steal me from my pirate crew.

The only thing I'm confused about is why they had me gunning at all -- I stated right it it was my worst station. Shortly after starting we did have a greenie jobber, who asked the greenie question "Can I gun?" I was halfway hoping they'd say yes so I wouldn't have to gun. Instead, that greenie got himself planked and expelled for stupidness.

Oh, and while I know it's not really much of a bragging point, but I earned my gold crab for bilging during this pilly too.


Hmm, I just got distracted by the radio talk show host I'm listening to accidentally hanging up on all his game contestants before the game was over. lol there's an oops for you. I found it amusing enough that I forgot what I wanted to say here.

Oh, well, it's late and I should have be sleeping already.

This wasn't it, but H set up teamspeak for me before she left last weekend. Although, so far the few times I've used that, I was the only one there.

Hmm, is one really using a internet voice chat thing, when there is no one to chat with on the system? (and if a radio is left on in an otherwise completely empty, sound-proof room, are the speakers really producing sound, or just draining the radio's battery?)
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