Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

The other day I needed to get some food for Fawn. She's on a special diet and it's about a half hour drive to the only pet store in the area that I know sells the food she eats (actually, with the road construction it's now closer to an hour's drive, but it'll be back to a half hour/45 minutes when the road I normally use reopens).

Anyway, that pet store is close to a bookstore I like, and was given a $25 gift card for that store too. So I stopped there and used the card. I bought a Heinlein book, and the unabridged audio version of Kerouac's On the Road.

Now I like audio books, and enjoying listening to them. On the Road is giving me a strange experience though. My mind keeps wandering from the story within a short time of me playing the first CD. First, when he talked about his experience around the Chicago/Joliet area, I pictured my Dad riding his beloved Indian motorcycle around the areas described (and only maybe 10 years after the time frame of the book -- Dad would have had his "James Dean" period during the late '50 through the mid '60 (ending when he married Mama and she made him give up the motorcycle. Then I came along, but that's a whole 'nother digression). The next time I tried listening I flashed back to what I know of the areas he described and thinking what's changed and what's stayed the same. Then after that my third attempt to listen I imagined writing this entry saying how my mind wanders while listening to this audio CD.

Kerouac does have an interesting writing style and listening to this CD ..., well, I also can't help take mental notes on the style; A lot of short sentences, period slang, and dialog, all in a first person narrative.

Parts of it almost have a rhythm to it. I'm not sure anyone but me would make the connection, but the way the narrator reads it, I'm reminded a bit of Ken Nordine's Word Jazz, that's another thing that causes my mind to drift. To me anyway, it almost sounds like spoken music. As I said, I'm not sure anyone else would have that take on it though.

Then again, since as I've also said I haven't heard much but the very beginning of it as I keep getting lost in other thoughts as I listen. Maybe I'm talking out of something other than my mouth here.

Ah, I should be in bed sleeping. Night all.
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