Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I just finished a vacation I was taking for my up coming birthday. As usual things didn't go exactly as I thought they would, but I enjoyed my time away.

I even got to play with a waverunner for a few minutes. After reading a 2 page rule list the owner of the waverunner wrote for friends who use it, I was a bit worried it was more complicated to run than it seemed, but it was simple enough and soon enough I was racing along at 40 mph over the water. And with a little more practice by the end I was even comfortable crawling along at only 1 mph with confidence (since the thing was designed for speed as I found out going less than 5 miles per hour is much tricker than going fast).

I am beginning to think some existing power doesn't want me to see the new Star Wars movie; at least not seeing it with H as I was hoping to do sometime this week. That doesn't seem likely now.

She and I had plans to see a midnight premiere showing of it about a month ago that fell through, and now the chances of us seeing it before my birthday like we talked about after our first plans fell through seem much slimmer than they did a week ago too.

Well, on the bright side the other summer movie I want to see, Spiderman, is in the little one screen theater my town has. I think I will treat myself to seeing that tomorrow night.
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