Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I should be sleeping. However, I think my immediate plan will be a quick post, bedtime snack, and then bed. I tried reading my friends list. I am behind on it, and I'm sure I haven't read all my friends list entries, but I've got to give up for tonight.

Although I did notice a bit of a trend. More than one of you wrote on the topic of love in the last several days. I'm almost tempted to do a digression on my take on what I read in those entries. However, it would keep me up far later than I'd want, and honestly, I'm not sure that I wouldn't be stuck with the desire but not the words to write on the topic of love.

On an easier topic to write, but prob. would take too long too (so I won't) would be an update on me.

Condensed version -- H, I went against your advice and bought a new lawnmower for myself. I'll be using it for the first time tomorrow.

The longer version would involve a mocha latte I asked for a refund on (and did get my money back) while waiting for my lawn mower; discovering the boxed mower wouldn't fit in my car; my car being stubborn about starting when I tried to go home with the unboxed mower; my stupidity on how to put the mower together once I got it home; and discovering Mom decided to cook a *WHOLE* unopened, never-used, box of spaghetti for just herself and me when I got over to her house -- yep, the events of today would take too long to write.)
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