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Since my poker journal is on hiatus and this was just poker in my pirate game, I'll put this entry here. One of the things I learned when I was playing poker with real money was that, despite it being counterintuitive, going up a level breaks losing streaks. The higher the level the more it weeds out unpredictable (i.e. bad -- but lucky) players. Well, I encountered one of those at the 2k table in my pirate game and lost my shirt. I moved up to the 20k poe table. Um, I won back all my poe back (and a 5k profit too).

Plus the unpredictable player I had been losing to followed me up the level too. I found it very amusing as he couldn't handle a table full of more skilled players. I watched him rebuy after rebuy like I did on the lower table. On top of that, it was very satisfying that the two biggest pots I won at the higher table were against him.


Moving on, For us, The Living is the Heinlein book I bought at the same time that I bought On The Road. So far the introduction by Spider Robinson has been the best part of the book. This is the first novel Heinlein wrote. It also was never published in Heinlein's life. Spider pretty much warned everyone in the introduction that this isn't the quality of writing we're used to reading in other Heinlein novels. He said that the characters aren't flushed out and it's more a series of lectures masquerading as a story. So far having read well into the 4th chapter I think that is a fair description.

Frankly, this story stinks like a restroom after someone with food poisoning just left it. There is no conflict. The main character is mysteriously transported over a hundred years into the future. Everyone just accepts that without question and is helpful beyond belief to the main character. It's a nice little distraction but without conflict for the main character to overcome it becomes ... well, just lectures as Spider Robinson said.

I've also been listening to the start of On the Road over and over and over again -- just the first 3 CD's so far. Mostly I've been stuck on them because on track 2 of the first disk were two quotes I wanted to get down so I didn't want to take that one out of my player, and it only holds 3 CD's. Plus other than the main character Sal Paradise (i.e. Jack Kerouac), I wanted to get the other reoccurring characters straight in my head.

Although getting the two quotes I wanted correct was frustrating. Track two on disk one is over eleven minutes long and the quotes I want are 8 minutes or so into the track. They are about writing and I've been thinking about them along with what I said about lack of conflict in Heinlein's novel.

Ok, while i was typing this, I had my CD repeating the track with the quotes on them, and I've got them down now. (so I can move on to the fourth CD now -- woot!).

On being a writer Sal says, "You've got to stick to it with the energy of a benny addict." Now the first time I hear that I missed the "with the energy of …" part. I thought he was comparing writing to an addiction which it can be; I wouldn't mind having an addiction to writing. This quote also lead me to do a small amount of research into what a benny addict was (Yes, I've lead a very sheltered life). However, I now know it refers to a drug I hadn't heard of which I'd prob. refer to as an upper.

The other quote that caught my ear was Dean asking Sal "How do you even begin to get it all down and without modified restraints and all hung up on, like, literary inhabitations and grammatical fears?"

Writing without modified restraints, literary inhabitations, and grammatical fears. I think I like the phrasing even if I'm not sure what is meant by modified restraints here. I have enough trouble getting the restraints I have to work right as it is. Although I think after watching the Twisted Monk's videos I have a good idea about ... um, anyway, ... no, I'm not sure I know what he means by modified restraints there.

Eep. It's far later into the night than I meant to say up for writing this. Night all.
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