Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I just checked an email account of mine that I should be checking more often than I have lately. Anyway, I just discovered that K, from the old swing dance bunch, had sent me an e-card for my birthday that I just found today. oops.

I also read the latest issue of the Internet Tourbus. Here's an excerpt that I'll share with all of you:

~start quote~
If you use a social networking site such as Myspace, or you have
posted photos on a photo sharing site, then PeekYou may have found
your profile and/or photos there, and added those links to an
automatically generated PeekYou profile. If your phone number is
listed at or InfoSpace, it may also have placed a
link on your PeekYou profile on which people can click to see your
phone number, address, and a map of your neighborhood.

PeekYou -

I searched for my name and found that PeekYou had created a profile
for me, with a link to my Myspace page. I edited my profile to add
some additional links and a photo, just for fun. But then I noticed
that PeekYou allows ANYONE to edit the links and descriptions on your
profile page. If PeekYou turns into a free-for-all, where people
can maliciously change other people's profiles, then it will have
little long-term value.
~end quote~

Well, I searched my last name, and discovered 24 entries, none of which were me and none are known relatives. However, one was from a small Illinois town that my Great-Grandfather had lived in, and I still have cousins who live there, so there's a fair chance I could be related to that person.

Anyway, I then put in H's last name. I got only 3 hits for her. All three seemed to be the same person (same first name, same CA city). :::::shrugs:::::


Not much else to say. It's a rainy day today. I had plans of doing some outdoor things, but the rain kinda canceled them. I should be doing other things in the house, which I prob. will when I finish this. Basically, it's just a rainy, lazy day today. I hope the Cubs/White Sox game can be played. I want another win over the Sox by my Cubbies. :)

Although, considering I'm within a few miles of Chicago and what the weather is like here, I'm not sure there'll be baseball today.
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