Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

Right now I'd say I'm operating at about 87%. Yesterday at this time, I was miserable. I got a double whammy. First, and from now on, I need to get a dust mask when I mow my lawn. When I mow near Fawn's dirt "race track," as I call the area that no longer has any grass because Fawn's ran so much on that part of the lawn, it kicks up a huge cloud of dirt (to the point my arms do become black with dirt as I mow that area).

Well, yesterday I'm pretty sure that caused a full out sinus attack. I had a sinus headache for the last 24 hours or so. Yesterday, it was as bad as I can ever remember having one. On top of that, my supper disagreed with me yesterday too. My stomach still isn't right either to the point I don't think I should be too far away from a restroom just yet. However, I am feeling much better than I was.

Now from all of that physical stress, my neck and back have stiffened up on me. To the point that tomorrow I think I'll go buy some kind of massaging thing from the store.

In other news, last week I sent lj a check for a permanent account. Not sure if I should have spent the money or not. Anyway, I sent it registered mail and the PO guy told me they wouldn't get it until Monday. Um, technically today I guess. I'll know exactly when they got it, because I'll be getting a little confirmation postcard back with the date it was delivered and the signature of who received it.

Not much else to say. Been doing a fair amount of thinking and just generally being inside my own head. Reviewing exactly how I got trapped where I am in life, and knowing that for the current time I am trapped, and I also need to get prepared for when things change.
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