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[Jul. 10th, 2007|01:51 pm]
Nite Mirror

So let me get this right. Sprint is trying to attract more customers and part of how they are doing it is dropping their dissatisfied current customers to ensure they are one big, er, ok, not as big as they were dumping their own customers, but now they don't have to deal with those chronically unhappy customers!

What revolutionary marketing ploy. You make the company unhappy and they'll dump you before you dump them.

You know I took some business courses back in my college days, I don't remember this strategy for attracting and keeping ...

oh, wait, attracting and dumping customers.

[User Picture]From: charmere
2007-07-11 03:30 am (UTC)
Now now... these are customers who are clogging their customer service system with frivolous requests. Thanks, but I would rather get through when I need to with my real problem than be put on hold because Mr. Snuffleupagus hasn't been satisfied since 1999.

If the customers who aren't "problem" customers get better service because they are cutting the most severe problem customers off, yay rah. Remember the Bell Curve from school? About 10% get are your no problem customers, 20% occasional problems, 40% moderate problems, 20% frequent problem, and 10% excessive problems. 10% of 53 million is 5.3 million problematic customers and they are cutting off the worst 1,200. In the world of statistics, that is what we call "statistically insignificant".

I do have to wonder how many times the average Sprint customer calls customer service per year. I've not called them in about 5 years, so I guess I'm one of those "not a problem" customers. But let's say that the average customer calls 3 times a year. That means these 1200 guys who are calling at 40 to 50 times the average rate are calling 120 to 150 times a year, or once every three days to every other day. Sprint is having to employ several CSRs just to deal with these guys. And if they are such problematic customers, they are escalating their calls, so you have a supervisor or three, and a manager or two dedicated to these guys as well.

Why haven't these people who need to call so very often switched providers already??? Sounds like harassment to me.

A Happy Sprint Customer
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