Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

Earlier today I jotted down a few notes on things I wanted to write here. I changed my mind about the first several. They deal with the reasons behind the mood I've let myself be in for the last several days.

I basically was trying to do a tightrope act balancing between the explanation/excuses of why I've been in this mood and upon reflection perhaps a veiled plea for sympathy. The former was pointless and the latter while I might have subconsciously wanted, it's not something I'd want consciously. I believe we get what we deserve, and while I don't like what I've been getting, I can see how I got myself into this mess.

Ah, I said more than it's worth. Moving on, in an attempt to turn things around, I set up a schedule for myself. A nice doable 16 hour day. Up by 7 in the morning and in bed by 11 at night. I even set up a bedtime alarm as well as one to wake me to try to keep to this schedule.

Also, WGN radio has played some ads about a company that promotes franchise information to start businesses. Saying they offer something for everyone from big business for professional entrepreneurs to small start up ones for those with less of a budget. Tomorrow I think I'll call that 800 number and ask for the free info they offer.

As for the events of today, well, I did a token amount of work outside just to get back to that, sent a brief text message to H, talked about money issues with Mom (she brought it up actually), and bought myself some blueberry pancake mix.

I don't use my stove often enough. I've never used either of the two ovens in that stove, and I only really use the burners maybe every other month to cook something for myself. Mom bought herself a new stove last year, and I've done a fair amount of baking premade dough in Mom's oven. I should clean out mine and do something with them too.
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