Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I'm sitting here listening to the gurgle of my coffee maker (I just started making a cup for myself before typing this).

I also got to play UPS man this morning. A couple of hours ago Fawn started barking like crazy letting me know someone came up the front stairs. I figured it was an unusually early mail delivery. Well when I finally got around to checking, I found a UPS package propped up against the door. Now I'm no longer expecting any packages and looked puzzled at this one. I read the label and don't recognize the name. Reading farther into the address the house number is for the big house across the street. So I walked over there and prop the package against their door and came back to make coffee and write this basically.

This has been a week from ..., ah, I've been busy dealing with Mom's issues and appointments. As I say all too often, my mood hasn't been the best dealing almost exclusively with her stuff and letting my own slide. Basically it's been too much time with my mother and not enough with other people during this past week.

Anyway ... hmm, I've been on a peach kick lately. Mom had me buy some for her. When I had one of the ones I bought for Mom, I decided to get some for my house. I just had the last of those peaches earlier this morning.

I went through a phase where I used to keep fresh fruit of some kind at this house all the time. With the peaches I just finished, I'm wondering why I stopped doing that.

Speaking of food, I'm also on a pancake kick lately. I've been buying some instant batter from the store (just add water and cook in the pan). I think I mentioned this when I bought the blueberry pancake mix. Now I'm on a buttermilk mix.

Earlier this week I also bought a chicken salad sandwich from a local deli as a treat for myself. It wasn't that it was that great a sandwich that made it a treat. What made it special was someone else made it for me even if I had to pay for it. Kinda pathetic huh?

In between everything I've been reading Deathly Hallows. I've got a little more than 100 pages to go before finishing the book. In several spots, I was tempted to stop and write my thoughts about what I was reading, but didn't want to put any spoilers here. I'm still tempted to go back and reread it writing my comments out. I still might -- putting them in a private entries to avoid spoilers for anyone.

Oh, and one of the two theories I had went poof along the way of my reading. While the possibility of the other hasn't been excluded by what I've read yet, with slightly over a 100 pages to go, somehow I don't think the other will come to pass either.

Moving on, one of the things Mom had me doing was sitting in on a meeting between her and a local professional. Now this professional also happened to be my old scoutmaster from ::::mumbles something::::: years ago. Starting the meeting Mom and this guy got off the track and started talking health care.

I was rather surprised. It seems my old scoutmaster is into alternative medicines big time. I wouldn't have thought of him as preaching balancing energies to stay healthy and using vitamins to replace doctor prescribed meds. The funniest part was Mom was buying that snake oil before they started the real meeting.

Finally, my town starts its Pierogi Fest later today. H talked about coming up for it, but that didn't work out. If Mom didn't want me to get tomorrow's supper from one of the food vendors, I'd be tempted to just skip going to the festival.

While I was typing this entry Fawn did her someone's at the door bark again. This time I think it might really be the mail. So I'll end this here, check for my mail, and get that cup of coffee that I mentioned I was making at the start of this entry.
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