Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

As I usually start my entries, I have my coffee. I'm writing this before going to play driver for Mom yet again. I would have liked to have done other things today, ah, I would have know sooner if I'd have checked my schedule. I just found out yesterday when I changed my dry erase calender to August though.

I'm using the dry erase boards I have more and more to try getting myself organized. That calender one, one with all the tasks I want/need done, and one with my grocery/shopping list. Considering my life's a chaotic wreck still, it may be more a placebo effect, although I do think those boards are helping me become more organized and effective at getting things done.


I just deleted a bit about Jackie Mason. Y'all don't need to hear about my recent fascination with him. I'll just leave it that while he's more right winged than I'd like, I do find some of the comments he makes in his video blogs thought provoking (and in that Yiddish accent -- well, I'm not sure I'd listen to someone making the same points in a Midwestern United States accent. I'll just leave it there now)

I also see that Tom Synder died. I was sorry to see that. I remember liking the last late night talk show he had on CBS back ... was it in the '80s? That doesn't sound right, early '90's seems more when I remember watching him -- ah, whenever his last show was on the air.

Anyway, I remember starting to watch it because of the quirky contrast between his snow white hair and how dark black the make-up people made his eyebrows. It just looked weird. Then I came to enjoy the man's humor and interviewing style on that show. Sad to hear of his passing.

Ah, as the old saying goes, Time makes fools of us all. I need to get going.
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