Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

One of the yahoo groups I belong to noticed that it has over 600 members and only about 20 active members. Well, they posted a notice saying they are going to purge the inactive members. Um, as one person said, that group is now like an episoide of Big Brother with everyone yelling "Don't evict me." My email is clogged with everyone scrambling to not get kicked out of the group to the point that I'm thinking of leaving it.

I even sent an email to the group owner basically saying "I'm a lurker, and I'd rather you didn't, but go ahead and kick me out if you're purging the inactive members since I am one and prob. won't become an active member."

The situation is a bit amusing. Even if the unintentional mail bomb they set off with everyone saying they want to stay a part of the group is annoying.
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