Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

It was a year ago today that Dad died.

While I've been doing my porch work, I've been thinking about him quite a bit. How if he was around he'd be unhappy I didn't get a drill and use screws to fix the rails on the porch instead of using nails. How he'd be using that ugly, rusted paint shaker (that I've been meaning to pitch for some time now) instead of the stirring sticks I've been mixing the paint with.

Ah, I've written many times and many ways in this journal about accepting change and being flexible, and as Thomas Jefferson said, "The Creator has made the earth for the living, not for the dead." Dad's ways aren't mine.


I didn't mean to make a segue although that Jefferson quote always reminds me of the title the Heinlein book For us, The living which I have said how bad a book it is. It's really just thinly disguised lecturers on Heinlein's beliefs and ideas for his Utopia.

Much of what Heinlein lectured about in that book, I don't think possible including his ideas for the nation's economy. However, I had a bit of shock the other day. I'm sort of skimming through the section where he is laying out how the United States economy should be.

Well, on the radio yesterday I heard a representative for something he called a Fair Tax. Um, I may have just been skimming through Heinlein's ideas and didn't really look at the tax website, but what this guy proposed on the radio sounds a lot like what Heinlein outlined in For us, The Living.

Which is causing me to wonder if I dismissed it out of turn as implausible too quickly. I still don't think it's a workable plan, but apparently people who are more qualified to talk about the economy than myself do think it would be a workable plan.

I'll agree that I do like the idea of getting rid of all federal tax save for a nation sales tax in accompaniment with a stipend for every citizen to ensure the poor can afford necessities which, in my understanding of this, is the crux of the plan. Maybe I'm too rooted in the current system, but I just don't see how this fair tax plan would work in the real world.
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