Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I was checking my email after a pbp (playing my pirate game, basically) and discovered someone's invited me be a youtube friend.

Since I have no plans to put up any videos and just subscribed so that I could automatically search for my eclectic mix of videos (from videos focusing on the pirate game, music, Second Life, the Cubs, and some of my more adult interests).

It seems most of what this person puts up (at least according to his profile) is "rock, jazz, blues, and gospel" music. I do search for jazz and blues music on youtube.

I'm too tired to figure this out right now. I'm not sure what youtube "friends" involve. I know what it means here, but is it the same idea there? And since all I do is watch videos that show up on my subscription searches and don't have any videos of my own, how did anyone find me and why would they want to friend me on youtube?
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