Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

:::::peeking out of my storm shelter::::::: Oh, good the town's still here.

Actually, I guess just a bit east of me was were last night's storm hit hardest, although what hit here last night was nastier than your normal T-storm. Although, like most summer thunderstorms, at least it was brief. I bet it only lasted about 40 minutes.

It hit while I was still over at Mom's last night, and I had no thoughts of Fawn and I heading back here during it. When Fawn and I finally came back here, I was shocked to see the size of some of the tree limbs (these things were no branches) that had broken off the tree in front of Mom's house.

Unusually, I found out more specifically why power was lost briefly last night during the storm. I guess it was powerful enough that it even brought down some major electric high power lines that supplied power for not just my town but most of the town's around me too. From what the radio is saying, there are areas that still don't have their power back yet.

Ok, let's do an early morning review of what's been up with me, then I need to keep moving. Monday ... um, Murphy's Law decided it was time to revisit me with a vengeance. I just leave it that nothing went right that day, and when I went to bed Monday night, I was tired and cranky.

Tuesday, was just long. An early, mild, T-storm had Fawn waking me up an hour early. So when I came back here, ah, I wanted to head straight to bed, but I figured I'd log onto the pirate game to see if I could play it with H some. I did. I forgot that Tuesday was the night she goes out pillaging with an allied flag. I wasn't on for 5 seconds before I was getting a message that she invited me to job for that flag, and went straight to bed after the pilly was done.

Yesterday, with how the week was going, I let myself sleep in some. About the main productive thing I did was mow half my grass. I meant to do that Monday, but ... well, Monday didn't cooperate with me. So anyway, the grass was so long I was worried the city would be getting after me again. I had to cut it. It was wet and heavy. I had about a 1/4 of a tank of gas in the mower and for some reason thought I could get away with that little to mow my corner lot. I didn't get even half way through before the mower konked out because it ran out of gas.

Well, at that point I checked the time and realized it was about time to head to Mom's. So I put another 1/4 a tank of gas in the mower finished the little bit that put me at what I'll call the official half way point and quit. Basically, I still have to mow the fenced in area of my yard. I did the part that the city would be the most happy was cut first, the front yard and the side near the side road.

As for today, well, the basic plan is to head to the laundromat after I finish this entry and wash Mom's and my clothes. Then when I get back finish mowing the back yard. While the grass is wet, so heaver to bag and lug the lawn bag to the alley, being wet it also keeps the dirt down. I'm hoping when I mow around "Fawn's race track" that it having got soaked pretty good with all the rain/storms we've had this week it'll keep the dirt on the ground and I won't become pitch black from the dirt cloud the mower kicks up like I usually get when mowing that part of the lawn.

Time to keep moving, I guess. Didn't get enough sleep, wish I could go back to bed instead. Ah, gotta move forward and just muddle through.
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