Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

So today my *web browser* told me windows detected a virus and how I have 7 credit card numbers, 30 some passwords, 3 bank accounts, and I don't know what all at risk. It looked real scary. Also impressive since I have far fewer than 7 credit cards.

Well, instead of downloading the spyware that the big scary warnings were trying to trick me into downloading, I shut my web browser windows and just ran spybot. It found a bunch of tracking cookies which I had it remove. Then I went on and ran ad-aware to see if spybot missed anything. Ad-aware found two more tracking cookies that it removed.

Then I went and made cottage cheese.

Some time ago, I watched a food show that had a recipe for making cottage cheese. It looked both good and simple to make. So I've been wanting to try it. Today I did. Um, I'll just say it didn't come out as good as the food show made it look, although it was still eatable. I don't think I'll try making it again though.
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