Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I just spent some time watching the web cam on Clark and Addison in Chicago -- watching the people and cars walking by Wrigley Field. There's some good Wrigley Field trivia on that web cam page too. I knew Wrigley was the oldest surviving major league baseball field. I didn't know that it's the only surviving park from the long dead Federal League according to that web page.

I also heard Jack Brickhouse's name mentioned on the radio today. Bob Sirott, the WGN noon guy, mentioned him. He was talking about that record breaking 30 to 3 game last night between the Rangers and Orioles.

I had heard the 30 runs was the most runs in a game in over a hundred years. What I just read was that the record was set in 1897 at 36 runs in a single game by the Chicago Colts (later renamed to the Chicago Cubs, hmm, where have I heard of that team?) against Louisville.

Anyway, Bob pointed out how if Jack was broadcasting the game he'd prob. end the 8th inning by saying "The Orioles could have a 27 run rally in the 9th, stay tuned for that!" That put a smile on my face. Jack would have said something like that.
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