Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

Last night, I left Mom's after our nightly storm (btw, who left the faucet on? I'm getting sick of these daily storms!) Fawn and I had to walk around a large branch that had fallen on Mom's front steps. No big surprise there, the tree in front of Mom's house drops one large branch per storm (in other words daily).

Well, I get Fawn into the car and go back to drag the branch to the curb so the city will deal with it when they send out their storm clean up crew. ::::looking at the clock:::::: just about now, if they haven't got them out already.

Well, I figured I'd treat myself to some white castle. I drive through their parking lot and discover the drive through lane backed up all the way through their parking lot and even partly onto the major road where my WC is. Um, I'm not fighting that line. So I drive past Burger King and MacDonalds. Both are dark and I assume closed. I didn't realize they should have been open until I start driving back to my house giving up the idea of a fast food bedtime snack. My block is unnaturally dark. I get to my house. The light I have on a timer should have been on, but even my house is dark.

Well, I let Fawn run in the yard while I go in and try the kitchen light -- nothing. I stop to think. Flashlight in my bedroom at the far end of the house. Ok, I stumble and trip my way to my bedroom. Grab the flashlight and walk back to the kitchen.

Fawn's waiting at the open back door looking at me like, "ok, why haven't you turned on the light yet?" Well, I collect all the candles I have in the house (a whole 4) and bring them to my bedroom with Fawn doing her "Something's wrong, I'm not leaving your side," loyal dog bit the whole time.

Ah, cutting to the chase, I deliberately left my bedroom light on when I went to bed. The light coming back on at 4:50 this morning woke me. I got up and checked my little refrigerator at that point (I don't have a big one, just one of those little ones like you find in hotel rooms). I open the door and all the defrost water spills out. My beer is still cold and there is still a good lump of ice on the freezer part still.

So I'm thinking my eggs (the only real perishable item I had in there) are still good.

I hate to do it, but I may pitch them anyway though. I don't know. As I said, I hate to pitch them. Maybe I won't.
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