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I think I mentioned I have a godson a time or two in this journal.… - Nite Mirror — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Nite Mirror

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[Aug. 27th, 2007|02:48 am]
Nite Mirror
I think I mentioned I have a godson a time or two in this journal.

I don't have direct contact with him, so it takes some time for news about him to filter to me. I guess a month ago he was in an accident and got a foot crushed. About a week ago he had an operation to rebuild the foot with them putting several pins in that foot. I've heard there's an infection in that foot on top of everything else now.


ok, let's move on to something a little less serious. Hmm, what else?

oh, since watching the ep. of "Feasting on Asphalt: the River Run" where they were in New Orleans I've been hungry for Cajun food. Well, last time I went shopping I found andouille in my local supermarket made by a brand name sausage company. Had one of those sausages with a fried egg for breakfast the other day. yum!


I also signed up for the email newsletters the Heartland Poker Tour sends out. Over the summer they were at a casino near me, and if they ever come back, I may just try entering their tournament.

Although, from not playing for real money in a long time, I'm sure my game has deteriorated. Add in the fact I've only played on the internet, I know reading tells and controlling my own poker face will be a weak point in my game on top of that too.

Although back in college, I used to be good at a drinking dice game we called Mexican that involved a lot of bluffing (kinda like the dice game played in a certain major pirate movie).

My favorite victim, er ... opponent back in college when I played Mexican, repeatedly told me I had a very good pokerface -- getting him to call my bluffs when I wasn't bluffing and having him believe me when I was bluffing.


Well, it's late, and I should have been in bed hours ago. I liked my night owl tendencies in my younger days, although it's working against me now that I'm not so young anymore.