Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

There wasn't a storm, but judging by all my flashing clocks, I had a power outage last night. To make it even more annoying, my radio which has never lost its preset stations in all my past power outages lost the presets this time. Don't understand that, and I'm not happy about it either.

Oh, and I got my first two private messages over on youtube. I can buy replica watches from the person, and that same person sent me an invite for an internet poker site I never heard of with a promo code to use and a full fledged sales pitch for the site. Hmm, you think I did right by marking them both as spam? lol

Well, I've been lazy all day. I prob. should find something productive to do (although what do you want to bet I'll just find something else to waste time on?)
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