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Ok, as quick as an update as my long set of notes will allow, then I… - Nite Mirror — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Sep. 8th, 2007|12:50 pm]
Nite Mirror
Ok, as quick as an update as my long set of notes will allow, then I got to get out do my outside home repairs/painting bit.

First of all on Thursday there was a brief but heavy rain shower while Fawn and I were over at Mom's house. After it was over, fearing more rain would follow I decide I'd let Fawn outside so she could take care of what a dog needs to take care of outside.

I let her out and stood on the back steps to watch her. As I was standing there I noticed this arch shape of light in the sky--almost a perfect semi-circle. Given it wasn't very colorful it took me a few seconds to realize it was a perfectly shaped (if not colored) rainbow.

I called Mom to look at it too. She came and did her ooh and aah bit, and as we watched the top center of the arch turned a sort of purple and then faded into nothingness. Slowly the right side faded away, then the left lingered a bit before it did the purple fade too.

That was Thursday. Yesterday, I took Mom for a blood test at the out patient part of the local hospital. While we were there, I saw one of my old swing dance bunch there getting a blood test too. I wasn't feeling very social, so I didn't say hello to Mark, and judging by the way he walked right by me, I don't think he recognize me at all.

I've been too introspective lately I think; pondering the problems of my time management, and knowing I have no workable solution. Rehashing that unsolvable problem in my head is not good for my mood. I do know it is making me want to be anti-social right now.

Anyway, I also played plumber to Mom's dripping kitchen sink last night. It shouldn't drip for another 6 months or so now that I replaced the leaky parts of her faucet.

After I got back here, I logged on to the pirate game under one of my alternate characters. H was on under one of her Alts (instead of her main character) too. She was on the tail end of a pillage and invited me to help them get the ship to port. So I did. After we got that ship in, she switched to her main character. I just logged off.

After I logged off of the pirate game, I logged onto pokerstars.net. I'm actually naming that play money poker site for a reason. They have several $5,000 freerolls going on right now. Not only can you have a chance to win some real money from them, but entering those freerolls gives you a introductory membership in the Poker Players Alliance. A group dedicated to fighting for poker players rights here in the US.

I may not be much of a political activist (the whole concept of politics makes me want to go hide under my bed). However, given my history with internet poker, my finding a group that is fighting to get internet poker back is something I am willing to join. If joining is as simple as playing in a poker freeroll, all the better (I'm already signed up for the one that starts at 22:50 EST tonight).