Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I just got off the phone with H. :)

I was a bit preoccupied. The Heartland poker tour is coming to a casino near me, and I was looking closer at that casino's website. To join that tournament it would cost me a $100 entry fee. I really can't afford that. While I shouldn't even afford entering one of the $65 s&g tournaments that casino has (at least $65 according to their website), I am very tempted to do so, and I just might one of these day.

It isn't the closest casino boat near me, however, looking over the directions to get there, it's still close enough to where I live that I don't think any of my traveling/getting lost phobia's would kick in. I'm not too familiar with the area, but I still have a vague general knowledge of the major roads by that casino. So even if I get lost around it, I should still be able to stumble on a road I know and find my way home.

I just tried logging on to my pirate game after talking to H. I discovered that as of today I'm no longer a subscriber. ::::sigh::::: I need to get that straightened out too.

Ah, I don't want to, but I should prob. start thinking of heading to bed. I'm tired, but in one of those moods where I don't really want to go to sleep either.
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