Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I'm glad this week is over. The highlight of it was a couple phone calls from H. Right now I'm physically feeling a bit off. I'm sure it's just the stress from this past week. I had a bunch of Mom issues to deal with, a few of which are still lingering into tomorrow/next week, but I'm hoping things will be slowing down Mom-wise and I can get back to dealing with my own issues.

On the plus side, a forum game I started playing (then basically passed on to H) .. we won it! yah. Also, driving back here from Mom's tonight I looked up at the sky. There were several fluffy clouds reflecting the ground's light pollution. Contrasting with the dark night sky, it made them look like the clouds were glowing with their own light. It was a rather dramatic sky.

On the ... "ah, what does it matter?" category, with my getting that introductory membership in the Poker Players Alliance from that free roll game I played, I also got an odds calculator that automatically gives me percentages when I play on pokerstars. I tried it today. It was more distracting than it was worth. The rough guesstimates I do in my head may not be as accurate, but they are good enough. Although, watching that calculator after I folded was kinda interesting when it was giving the percentages of the type of hand that could win with the given flop.

What else? It seemed like I had a bunch of stuff. My Cubs are doing well. I'll admit that back in June I had given up on this season, then they started really taking off in July. They almost gave me a heart attack tonight when they almost blew the game in the 9th. It made for a dramatic ending, but I think I'd rather have a blow out game where the other team doesn't rally to threaten the game taking it right down to the last out.

hmm, as I said above, it seemed like I had a bunch of stuff that I'm drawing a blank on right now. Part of that I think was I had thoughts of being a bit more specific with the Mom issues I mentioned above that I think I won't go into more detail. Although, dealing with those issues are getting to me more than I'd like. I'll just leave it at that.

Well, I should try to sleep off this ... whatever it is that's making me feel off. I'm sure sleep would do a world of wonder for making me feel physically better.
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