Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I think I'm getting a new cellphone. I found an email saying that the cell towers in my area are being upgraded and the technology in my (admittedly) old cellphone won't work when those upgrades are completed, and I need to upgrade my phone.

Well, to ensure that wasn't a phishing scam, I typed in the web page address of my cellphone company and log into my account figuring there'd be the same message there rather than using the link in the email. I had to go to the support page and basically started to file a service report saying my cellphone was broken (it's not) before I got the upgrade message that they sent me in email - not even sure what gave me the idea to do that to find the message about my phone needing an upgrade.

According to the email, I had 5 days to request the free upgrade before the offer would expire. Ah, I requested the upgrade. Then I get the message that once I get this upgrade, I'll have to call customer service to activate the upgrades and transfer my time and minutes. Nothing directly about them sending me a new phone, but I have a feeling that is the upgrade since I had to give them my mailing address, and the upgrades they've made to my phone in the past have been sent wirelessly with the most I had to do was enter a bunch of code numbers into the phone.
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