Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

Yesterday, I made a friend, albeit I expect I'll never see him again. Since neither Mom nor I felt like making supper she sent me to buy hamburgers.

Well, I noticed an elderly gentleman following me into to the major fast food place. I held the door open for him and he thanked me with "Thank you, young man, for holding the door for an old man."

I let the young man line slip since, in comparison, I was younger than him, but I then replied, "You're not old" with a smile.

Well, the guy stop and gave me the once over before asking "How old do you think I am?"

Given the way the conversation was going and knowing that could be a loaded question, I subtracted 10 years from my guess before answering, "Mid 60's?"

With a grin the guy replied, "I'm 83 and have six Bronze Star metals from WWII." So I gave an appreciative "Wow" to this war hero. He seemed happy over that.

Well, we placed our respective orders, then he tried giving me some kind of code number that I noticed he had written down and showed to the teller taking his order. He told me it would give me a discount too. Not sure what that was about, and not sure how on the level it would be for me to use, I lied and told the guy that I don't come to this fast food place enough to use the discount, but thanked him anyway.

Well, he sat down to eat there, and I walked out with a wave to the guy who waved back. A new friend who I'll prob. never see again.


Moving on, I'm getting too much in my own head lately. That's never a good thing as my own head isn't exactly a pretty place to be especially the farther into it you go.

Ah, enough about that.


Today, I received an email with a cryptic line about alternative medicines and the word trigunas. Since I wasn't familiar with the word, I looked it up.

Apparently it's part of an energy balancing type healing practice from India called Ayurveda and refers to the three mental/spiritual energies (gunas) that system strives to keep in balance. Where the tridoshas (body energies) fit in, ... um, look that stuff up yourself if you're interested.


It's been a long time since I even thought of tlhIngan Hol much less used that language. I'm rusty enough that I don't think I could put even the simplest sentence together anymore without heavily using my old notes on the language. Having said that, I surprised myself when I picked up one of the books I have which is written in tlhIngan Hol and understood a fair amount of what I read without needing to look anything up.


Well, I prob. should be getting back to some other things. Later all.
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