Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

Yet another bust today. I was planning on doing the buy wholesale and auction the stuff off on ebay thing starting today. Hit a bit of a bump in that which will delay it for a bit.

I've also been feeling a bit isolated lately. There's nothing new about my not having anyone here to share my experiences and feelings or offer feedback on my idiocies. However, I also know that adversely affects me, and that in turn effects my motivation to do ... anything. Ah, it's my mountain to climb. Too bad I bought the cheaper climbing equipment that isn't reliable; Some of the falls hurt when a clamp I thought was firmly anchored gives way.

Anyway, what else?

Oh, I got a bit of a surprise the other day. About a month ago or so, I mentioned here about how Mom and I were invited to join a class action lawsuit against a local car dealer. I just remembered that and found the paper I need to fill out and mail in to the court saying I'm willing to join and take my part of the settlement money if the court finds in the class' favor. I've got less than two weeks to fill that out and mail it back.

I asked Mom about her form, figuring I'd have to do it for her. She told me she filled it out and it was one of a bunch of letters she had me mail weeks ago. It's not often Mom's more on the ball than I am.

Well, I'll end this here.
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