Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I'm sitting here having some coffee. Today's experiment was to substitute honey for my usual non-sugar sweetener. Ah, this is ok. I think I like equal better though.

Over this past weekend I've been thinking a lot about my doing ebay auctions. One of my biggest weaknesses in any business undertaking I've done has been marketing. I suck at getting the word out and getting others excited over what excites me. I'm in a mood to say that's going to be my fatal flaw with this idea too. Then again I'm just in a mood.

Ah, mood or not, I will be starting to auction stuff off sometime soon, trying to figure out some kind of no cost marketing thing to promote the auction, and prob. have a poll here about what kind of household stuff I should auction off.

Oh, I did make some money yesterday. I won another dollar from that same freeroll I won the $2 in before.

After I finished that tournament I wrote a brief bit about it in my poker journal, did some web surfing and discovered the scandal that could well put Absolute Poker out of business as well as giving the US government more ammo for condemning internet poker. Although I like the spin some are taking; could this scandal have happened if instead of the US outlawing poker, it regulated it for US players?

In the mean time, I'd say everyone should avoid Absolute Poker (and Ultimate Bet might be a good site to avoid too since, while not involved, it is a sister site to Absolute Poker).
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