Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I should be heading straight to bed now. I'm physically tired, but still wound up mentally. More on why farther down in this entry. I think I'll catch y'all up on my weekend in chronological order, and what kept me up this late should be told last.

So Friday night, I got into a geeky mood and decided I wanted to brush up on my language skills. I download the original version of Don Quixote in Spanish. With the idea I'd play around with making my own translation of it.

Well, with my rusty Spanish I was getting confused as I was reading about this scribe talking about pricing a book at the start and it not talking about the man of La Mancha. Well, it wasn't until I got to the point where it said something to the effect it was registered in this one Spanish city on December 20th, 1604 that I figured out what I was reading was the 17th century Spanish version of a copyright notice.

I felt both geeky just cause I was translating this and stupid for not figuring out I was reading a copyright notice earlier than I did. Especially since the heading of the paragraph I was reading was "Tasa." (literally "rate," which confused me until I realized that in this context it more accurately could be translated as "cost").

Moving on to Saturday, realizing how long it's been since I talk with H, I gave her a call, the highlight of my weekend. Then I went to Mom's, baked her some pork chops and a sweet potato for the two of us. The pork chop was a bit dried out, but I really enjoyed the sweet potato. I had cut it into thin coins, greased the bottom of the pan as well as putting a dab of artificial butter on each piece. They turned out very well. Then I watched Dr. Who and Torchwood over at Mom's.

Well, I still had some of my daily tasks for Mom after Torchwood and it was later than I was happy about coming back here. Although, it seems the trend is for me to be staying later and later over there despite my not being happy about that.

Today, I got back to painting. I scrapped and put the primer on one of the porch pillars. After finishing that, I took a picture of what I did and was disappointed. The freshly painted pillar didn't stand out from the others like the parts of the railing did when I put the primer on them.

Went to Mom's after that. Made this chili like dish for supper. I accidentally over peppered it; knew it the moment the pepper came out faster than I expected from the shaker. It was too hot for Mom, and while pepper wouldn't have been my hot spice of choice if I was spicing something deliberately, simply because it's been a long time since I had anything spicy and I love hot foods that I enjoyed tonight supper even if Mom didn't.

I registered for that poker freeroll again, and played in it tonight. Short version I finished 71st out of 10,000. I won $3.50 and an entry into round 2 of the tournament next week. Long version is over in my poker journal, 7_2_offsuit

Which brings us up to now. Ok, my excitement over making it into the next round of the tournament (still unlikely I'll win a trip to the Bahamas, but I'm closer to winning it than I was several hours ago) has faded and exhaustion is starting to take over. Night, all
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