Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I can't believe it's November already. Time seems to go by faster and faster the longer I'm exposed to that concept.

Anyway, H's birthday is coming up, and I've started my planning for heading down there that weekend.

She also picked up her new car today. I was hoping to catch her on the pirate game to see how she likes it, but the only ones on the game just now were hearties I'd rather not talk with for various reasons.

I'm going to be busy for the next several days. Mom had an appointment today, and will again on Monday that I'll doing the driving for her.

Plus tomorrow is when I play in round 2 of that poker tournament I entered. While I'm not sure I can accept the grand prize of a trip to the Bahamas, after seeing that if I could win my way to round 3 I'd be playing against Daniel Negreanu in that round. It's unlikely I'll get to round 3, but Daniel is one of my favorite pro's and it would be worth it if I could actually get that far in the tournament.

Been thinking about doing a bit more fiction writing. Thinking doesn't put words on a page. Ah, although at least as of last night an idea about the direction I want to take what I'm going to write hit me.

I was also thinking about this journal. How long it's been since I did one of my digressions on some of my stray thoughts. Weeks and weeks ago I thought about writing on how some items we have are linked to memories and past events as much as they are physical objects. The muse for my writing that idea out left me, before I got around to doing more than writing a note to myself about doing that subject for an entry here.

Ah, think I'll check the pirate game again, then get some sleep. Later, y'all.
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