Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

Hey! With the time change, I got up an hour early. Not really being a morning person, I haven't had much luck with getting up early, and since I do want to be more productive than I have been, I do want to have more daylight hours to work on things.

I also made a discovery today. About a week or two ago, I bought several kiwi fruit for myself. Well, I ate most of those within a few days of buying them. One wound up sitting on my kitchen counter all this time. I just cut it and ate it this morning. It was dead ripe. I think I like under-ripe Kiwi's better.

Ah, I just noticed the notes I took during yesterday's poker tournament. I suppose I should end this entry, and hop over to my other journal to write that one.
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