Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

Today was my first semi-normal (what ever normal means when talking about me) day in a while. I took care of some of my own business that needed to be done -- not as much as I wanted to do, but more than I've been doing lately.

I also just finished looking over 4 Fan's Sake. It's a movement to let the Chicago Cubs fans buy their team (which is currently for sale). If I had a $100 to spend, I'd prob. get involved in it. Given the billionaires that this group is up against, it's a long shot for them to actually accomplish the goal of fan ownership, but I am impressed with how organized the group is, and if I had any say in the sale of the Cubies, this is the group I'd want buying them.

Ah, it's almost time I go check on Mom, and see how she's doing with her space heaters. Hmm, that almost sounds like a cheesy sci-fi theater serial from way back when -- Mom and the Space Heaters! Although for that old time flare you'd need to stretch out the word Space and get some deep voiced anouncer to over dramatize it too -- Mom and the Spaaaace Heaters! Coming to your theater (not so) soon! See what those heaters from outer space will be up to in this installment of the cliffhanger serial!

Later, all
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