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Bill is ... [Jun. 28th, 2002|03:10 pm]
Nite Mirror
I've seen several googling their names around lj, when I did it here are some of the highlights:

bill is?
bill is typically printed on tan or pink paper.
bill is the result of a great deal of work
Bill is the actual "anti-christ" or whatever it is that they believe in
bill is the most important thing that comes along every five, six, seven years.
bill is pure baloney
Bill is profoundly flawed.
bill is plain nuts.
Bill wanders the real and online worlds and posts thoughts and links
bill is simply an idea that someone would like to see become law
Bill Is Now a Changeling
Bill is picking up penguins
bill is more like snake oil.
Bill is Made for Walking.
Bill is Law!
bill is laissez-faire
Bill is in the house!
Bill is Igneous?
Bill is Good News
Bill Is Focused on Porn
Bill is easy to read, and friendly, too.
Bill is Determined Every month
bill is dead!
Bill is confusing.
bill is back and we are still reeling from the news.
bill is available for viewing.
Bill Is Another Chip Off Antarctica's Block.
Bill Is a Work in Progress.
bill is a Pandora's box.
Bill is a great guy.
Bill is a Good Bill.
bill is a calculated guess
bill is a bandage, not a cure.
bill is 19 pages long; much of the text is summarized and placed in brackets.