Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

Some time ago, I talked about wanting to taste absinthe in this journal and how that alcohol was illegal here in the United States. It seems the times have changed a bit since then.

There is a chemical, thujone, in absinthe that my federal government doesn't want its citizens to ingest. Apparently, a chemist in New Orleans, Ted Breaux, figured out how to make absinthe that doesn't contain thujone, and his version is now selling here in the USA.

Lucid Absinthe, marketed by Viridian Spirits, has passed the U.S. regulatory test for thujone according to the article I have a link to below and is selling here for $60 a bottle (again according to the article ... heck, all the info I've stated above you'll find in that article).

It's still more than I'm willing/able to afford, but down the road this option is easier and cheaper than the cryptic method that I hinted at my possibly using for a $100+ a bottle when I talked about absinthe before and I still won't mention that method now.

Link to an article I just read:
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