Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I just had a computer scare.

There was the usual end of the world storm -- rain, snow, sleet, hail, ... the works. This time it even came with a bit of thunder and lightening. I have had a long standing policy to unplug my computer during storms with lightening.

When I went to plug it back in, no joy. Since I usually leave this laptop plugged in, I don't usually leave the battery in it. Well, I popped the battery in and it started fine on battery power.

After the battery started getting low, I tried plugging this laptop in again, and ... well, I'll spare you my troubleshooting efforts. I'll just say I was starting to think after my very low battery died, I'd be without a computer until I could replace the power cord for it. Whatever the problem was, it self-corrected and the battery is charging now, and after the battery charges, I'll try pulling it out and running this laptop on the house's electricity like I normally do with crossed fingers.

I've also spent the evening listening to WGN remembering Wally Phillips. I knew a good deal about his professional life, in the interview WGN played earlier tonight, I would like learning more of his personal life too. I just searched amazon for a biography. From that quick search, I discovered he's mentioned in several books about radio and other radio personalities.

My search even turned up Bob Collins' biography. "Uncle Bobby" was another WGN great that I know I've mentioned several times in this journal. However, there doesn't seem to be a book about Wally Phillips.

What made me want to find a biography of him was a quote in an interview WGN played. Wally talked about how family problems caused his brothers to grow up alcoholics and that early traumas cause people to have trouble with goal setting and motivating themselves later in life ... something along those lines anyway, I don't have the exact quote.

It also put a different light on something I've been hearing about Wally throughout all the tributes I've heard. He was focused on getting people to help people. The kind of childhood where a parent is lost, ... I can understand how both his brothers would become troubled, and how Wally would want to focus on getting everyone to help each other.
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