Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I just ordered a new ac adapter for this laptop. Now that I've plunked down the money, I'm wondering if I'm right that that's my problem. Well, when I get the new one, it'll be easy enough to test. Unplug this and see if I have trouble running the new one on the house's power.

What's making me think I might be wrong is that once I do get the battery charging or the laptop running off the house's electricity, I can jiggle the wires and move the adapter thingie. If it's a bad wire in somewhere in those parts like I've been thinking, physically jostling it should start the problem again, and it doesn't.

~sigh~ well, I spent the money either way, and I'll find out if using a new adapter fixes it when I get the thing in the mail. I also came close to buying a poker book from Amazon when I bought this new adapter. Somehow that part of the order didn't go through, and I really shouldn't spend the money. So I'll hold off on getting that book.

After that, I logged on to the pirate game. H was on, and I stayed on the game far later than I expected.


Hmm, what else should I update y'all about? Yesterday was a ... challenging day, shall we say. I had a bit of a relapse with this cold that's lingering (I'm feeling better again today, btw -- still only at about 80% or so though). I go to check on Mom and she tells me she fell. She's ok, although she's also got a fair sized lump on her head.


Hmm, Oh, going to bed last night I put on the TV and had a surrealistic moment. I was channel surfing before bed and stopped at a weird opera.

First, it took me a second to register that the lady was singing in English. I was more watching her swinging around this 20 foot pearl necklace that at first I thought was a rope since it was white and so long. She was basically whipping a chair on the stage with it.

Next I noticed that there was captioning on the bottom of the screen that at first I thought was in Italian. Operas are normally sung in Italian. Since this one was being sung in English, it made sense to my tired, befuddled, near-sleep mind that an opera sung in English would naturally have Italian captioning below it. Then I realized the caption was in Spanish. Huh? Why? (more awake today, I realized that I had the Spanish language PBS channel on to explain it, but didn't realize that last night while watching the thing)

Then a guy in lederhosen walks onto the stage screeching his part of the song. Given the high notes he was hitting, either his lederhosen was too tight or he had a very bad accident sometime in his past.

Well, at this point I realized that while I was tired enough, I was still far too sober to watch whatever this was. I turned off the TV and went to sleep.
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