Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I mentioned I bought a book on poker, I think. That wasn't quite right. The book isn't directly about the game of poker. Each chapter is a bio on a major poker player instead.

I'm reading the chapter on Stu Ungar right now. I knew the guy had problems with drugs that eventually took his life, but ... His bio is almost painful to read. I didn't know that snorting coke could physically damage a person's nose to the point they'd need plastic surgery to make it right (and then Stuey snorted more days after the operation and messed up what the surgeons had done to fix his nose).

I was enjoying reading about Puggy Pearson, Amarillio Slim, Doyle, and Chip Reese. Then I get to Stuey's chapter. I thought the mob's extortion and/or death threats to those first four were scary, but reading about a troubled drug user ... that's more painful than scary.
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