Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

Yesterday, susandennis posted an entry talking about how her mother told her "if you never married, you'd never have anyone to tell you that your slip was showing." In guy terms, I'd change the metaphor to no one telling me my fly's open.

Originally, that was one of the purposes of this journal. Way back when ... I don't remember but it had to be years ago, I posted some stuff talking about feedback. That's kinda what I was trying to get at back then. Since then I basically came to the conclusion that I'm just not the type of person that attracts many friends. That has spilled over in this journal.

I used to post some things in hopes to get feedback and see if my fly was open so to speak. Those posts never got any comments. So I figure if I mess up too much, something eventually will happen and if my metaphoric fly is open, ... ah, I guess I just have to let things hang out and take the unnoticed whispers and pointing behind my back.

It's funny. I have been thinking about the above before susandennis posted her entry yesterday. Maybe not using the terms above in my head, but what I was mulling over does boil down to wanting more people to check if the zipper of my life is down and things are showing that shouldn't be showing. Then after I lost someone on my friends list recently, I started giving more serious thought to joining either facebook or myspace for more interaction with others.

The problem is, as I know, me. I still might join one or more of those "social networks" as I've heard them called. However, never having been a social being, my odds of functioning well on one of those sites ... well, I'd just be back to what I was doing with those old lj entries that never got any comments.
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