Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

This entry brought to you with the theme of good news/bad news.


Good News: (An update from last fall) I'm sure I mentioned I got a form letter about joining a class action lawsuit against a local car dealership sometime last fall. Apparently the case is over and Mom and I each got our settlement checks.

Bad News: That lawsuit check won't be enough to cover my credit card debt and get the annoying phone calls to stop.


Good News: I bought some cheese cloth, and it works great for straining that loose tea I bought.

Bad News: I think I'd still prefer tea bags over loose tea.


Bad News: I forgot to winterize my lawnmower, and it's been sitting all winter with last year's gas and oil still in it.

Good News: After several attempts, it started and ran fine once started.
- - -
Bad News: I picked up a stick out of the yard to mow that part and got my first bee sting ever from the bee I didn't see on the branch.

Good News: I can really give an impressive, insulting "you're number one" gesture with my swollen, red middle finger at the moment.
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