Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

I think I'll get this CD as my birthday present to myself. Money is tight right now and I prob. shouldn't spend the $15 for it, but heck, you only have about 10 birthdays a decade, right?

I just finished listening to the late night people on WGN radio, Steve and Johnnie, interview Marty Allen and his wife Karon Blackwell. I enjoyed listening to the interview and at the end of the interview they played a short clip of Karon Blackwell's song Wedding Vows, it was very aptly named song, because before I knew the title of it, I was thinking it would be a great song to play at a wedding.

Not much else to say, and I have a dog bugging me for attention right now, so ... night, y'all.
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