Nite Mirror (nitemirror) wrote,
Nite Mirror

So my afternoon started with almost being in a traffic accident. I'm driving on a road by my parents' home. The person coming down the other intersection looks like he'll actually stop for the stop sign. So as I'm about to make my turn (no stop sign on the road I was on), this person pulls right in front of me. I don't know why I am upset. I know most of the drivers around this place don't know what those red signs with the word "stop" on them mean. I've known that for years, but this one annoyed me.

Ok, so moving on, I get to the main street my little town has and it is jam-packed with people. As I drive farther down the street I see speed boats parked along the sides of the road. Not the weekend warrior's type of speed boats, but actual racing boats with all the garish colors and commercial slogans painted on them like the professional race cars. Near city hall there is a live band playing outside on the lawn and two radio station remote trucks from a radio station I'd never heard of before. So something was going on, and I thought the next event for the town would be our annual perogi fest at the end of this month. I guess I was wrong.


In other news (Hmm, "in other news?" Did I just turn into a news reporter???) Um, anyway, tonight a bunch of us will be going to see Road to Perdition. From the little I know of the movie it isn't exactly the kind of movie I would normally see, but K got herself an extra job in it and at every opportunity she has been telling stories about what it w as like being an extra and meeting Tom Hanks. So we'll all get to see it tonight.

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